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Coaching sessions

The way to your heart You probably found your way to my website because something is not going quite the way you would like it right now. During the coaching sessions we will reflect on this together. No two sessions are the same, and depending on who is sitting opposite me, I will use different tools to help you. For example, I use techniques from mindfulness, body-, systemic- and dreamwork as well as non-violent communication. I will guide you through the process of getting closer to your heart again. I will help you to be able to feel what needs to be felt and experience all of the emotions alive in you right now. I will help you to live with your head and your heart in harmony and to let your life flow freely from there.


Mother - daughter retreat. Together with my mother Mariska Gieskes (rebalancing therapist) and my sister Ine van der Vliet (psychologist and yoga teacher), we are organizing a retreat for mothers and daughters. We will not only invite you to connect from mother to daughter, but also from one human being to another. So far this retreat is only available in Dutch. If you are interested in this theme, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will have a look at what is possible for you.

Services: Diensten
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