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About me

My name is Loes van der Vliet. I started my career as an airline pilot at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. This had been my dream from the age of eleven and after a youth full of sports at the highest level, I rolled right into life as a pilot.

Hard work, discipline and being hard on myself were no stranger to me.
On the surface, this made me successful, but I soon found that my life felt hollow to me.

My heart was not in it and because of that I missed the satisfaction in my life and a deeper sense of happiness.


This was the moment in my life that I dived into personal development. Among other things, through trainings at the Center for Tantra I found my way to my own heart and when I did a post HBO registered coaching training at ITIP, I found a way not only to use my own heart professionally, but also to help others reconnect with their hearts.

To me, being able to help others in this process is the most valuable, beautiful work there is.

Now I combine both. Flying and coaching.

For now this is my path.

I would love to help you discover yours.

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