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Luz coaching

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About me

 Hi, my name is Loes. When I walked the camino in september 2021 (a nearly 800km pilgrimage in the North of Spain) people kept thinking I said Luz when I introduced myself. In Spanish 'Luz' means 'light'. Every Spaniard thought it was a beautiful name: 'how extraordinary to be named after the light!'

Now, this wasn't the idea my parents had when they named me, but I would love to consciously use this happy little accident to name my coaching practice. I would love to help bring a little more light into your life. Enjoyment, flowing energy and the freedom to follow your heart.

To live from your heart. Radiant and full of fire.



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Coaching with attention

Grounded and lovingly I will look at who you are.

Beneath all the layers, built to keep up with society, behind the masks.

Who are you deeply and where lies your passion and freedom? With humor and lightness where possible I will stand next to you on your path, free of judgement, and together we will look at where you get stuck.

All to help you find your way back to yourself.

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Coaching sessions

You probably found your way to my website because something is not going quite the way you would like it right now. During the coaching sessions we will reflect on this together. Using techniques from mindfulness, body-, systemic- and dreamwork as well as non-violent communication, I will guide you through the process of getting closer to your heart again. To be able to live from your heart.

Workshops and retreats

On the agenda is a workshop for women only, to help discover your strength and a retreat for mothers and daughters, where we will not only connect from mother to daughter, but also from one human being to another.

So far the workshops and retreats are only available in Dutch. Should these themes speak to you, please don't hesitate to contact me. Together we will have a look at what is possible for you.

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"The wound is the place where the light gets in"


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De sessies zijn voor mij super waardevol.
Als we aan de sessie werken dan voel ik mij erg veilig (vertrouwd) en comfortabel bij Loes. Ze geeft mij vooral veel nieuwe inzichten en handvatten om meer van mij zelf te gaan houden en om in mijn eigen kracht te gaan staan en dit doet Loes op een natuurlijke, gemakkelijk en plezierige manier. Ik kan Loes aan iedereen aanraden iedereen die de reis van zijn persoonlijke groei wil aangaan. 

Raffaella (40 jaar)


Would you like to know more or would you like to make an appointment? 
Please feel free to contact me and together we will see what I can do for you.

Phone: +31 (0) 655985748

Thanks for submitting!

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